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 Which Passport to Use - Red or Blue?


Which Passport to Use for Leisure Travel

Individuals using only a no-fee passport for leisure travel should be aware that they are traveling at their own risk and may be denied entry to a foreign country or may not be allowed to embark on cruise.

Travel Documents for Military Members:

Most military members move to Germany using their ID card and PCS orders.  While that is sufficient to reside in Germany during their assignment, any military member planning to visit other countries on leisure should apply for a tourist passport since many countries require one for entry. 

Travel documents for civilians and all family members: 

Most US civilians on official orders and family members of civilian and military personnel will receive no-fee passports with a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) stamp prior to PCSing to Germany.  This passport may only be used for authorized travel to Germany and for return to the United States or other official travel.  Members should acquire a tourist passport if they plan to visit other foreign countries and carry both no-fee and tourist passports when crossing the German border as verification of their SOFA status. 

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